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Case Studies


All the Smile Gallery photos shown here are of our own real patient cases.

Cosmetic Dental Adjustments

Amy was unhappy with the colour of her teeth and the un-evenness. She also had an old crown on an upper lateral incisor which did not match perfectly. By whitening using the Zoom whitening system, re-shaping the teeth and replacing the crown with a new bonded porcelain ceramic crown we were able to achieve a smile which was brighter, more even and the new crown matched the adjacent teeth.

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Joan had chipped, spaced discoloured teeth which were otherwise in good health. After whitening with the Zoom whitening system we sculpted with composite cosmetic restorative material and we were able to make a vast improvement to her smile.


All the Smile Gallery photos shown here are of our own real patient cases from our practice in North Yorkshire.

Further information on Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns Before and After Photographs

Ann regularly travels to America and was becoming conscious that she has 'British teeth'. After whitening her teeth we replaced her three old crowns and placed a fourth to balance her smile. She can now smile with confidence when talking to her American colleagues.

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Gillian was referred from her own dentist because of the complexity of her problem. She had a failing dentition which without intervention would have resulted in her loosing teeth. After fitting fourteen new porcelain crowns she has a beautiful stable smile.


All the Smile Gallery photos shown here are of our own real patient cases from our practice in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Further information on Orthodontic Treatments.

Orthodontics Photos Before and After Photographs

Christina had had traditional orthodontic treatment as a child but the teeth had relapsed and crowded leaving Christina self-conscious about her smile.

With Invisalign appliances it was possible to align her teeth and give her a great smile.

Christina says " The Invisalign treatment was great. Nobody knew I was wearing the aligners and I was amazed to see the teeth straighten as if by magic. I now can't stop smiling"

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Janet won this smile-makeover on the Harrogate local radio station Stray FM.

She wanted to be able to smile for her daughter's wedding.

Janet had spaced, discoloured teeth.

A combination of orthodontic treatment and veneers gave her a radiant smile for the big day.

Smile Makeover

All the Smile Gallery photos shown here are of our own real patient cases from our clinic in Ripon, North Yorkshire

Further information on Smile Makeovers.

Smile Makeover Before and after Photographs

Cheryl was referred for treatment to improve her smile and to protect her worn teeth. She had an uneven gum line and a 'gummy' smile. The teeth were worn and discoloured.

By first adjusting the gum line we were able to provide a much more harmonious result using crowns and veneers to re-build and protect the teeth.

Libby was unhappy about her discoloured and misshapen teeth. We designed her new smile to keep the character of her old smile but make it brighter and wider.

We first placed provisional veneers to transform her smile and to allow us to confirm that this was the result Libby wanted.

This result was then replicated in ceramic veneers.

Using this technique gives patients control over the final result.

Pippa was unhappy about her smile and in particular the teeth that protruded when she smiled.

We used some orthodontic treatment to align the teeth and then ceramic veneers to give Pippa the smile she wanted.

Susan was unhappy with her worn discoloured teeth a combination of crowns and veneers produced a great smile. Sue made the following comments.

I'm really happy with my veneers and with how natural xthey look. It's made such a difference both personally and professionally. It's definitely the best thing I've ever done!

My only regret is not having them done earlier…had I realised how good they were going to look and what a difference it would make, I wouldn't have hesitated for a minute

Family, friends and colleagues tell me I'm happier and more confident and there's no doubt I feel it. I'm so pleased with my 'smile'.and of course when I smile, people smile back - it's great!

Fear had kept Tracey away from dentists for some time. Under intravenous sedation ten veneers were placed. We not only gave her a beautiful smile but also conquered her fear of dentists.


All the Smile Gallery photos shown here are of our own real patient cases from our dentists in the Yorkshire Dales.

More information on Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers Before and After Photographs

Anne was very unwilling to smile when she first came to see us. Now, after a short course of orthodontics and four veneers, she can't stop smiling!

Derek didn't like his teeth but whenever he had asked a dentist in the past about what treatment options were available, he was told that, because his teeth were healthy, nothing could be done.

There were different treatment options and after fully explaining these to George he opted for veneers on the four front teeth.

He now has the smile that he should have had years ago.

Julian was getting married and an old veneer had chipped. It was a bit of a rush but we were able to whiten his other teeth and place a new veneer which matched perfectly. All in time for the big day!

Nick's fear of the dentist has stopped him attending for treatment for many years. By using intravenous sedation techniques this fear was overcome and four crowns were placed on the teeth that had deteriorated. He now has a confident smile and is happy to attend for routine treatment to ensure they do not deteriorate again.

As one of the country's leading dental technicians Steve values his smile. He had broken his two front teeth several years previously and was now conscious of them when meeting and talking to some of the country's leading cosmetic dentists.

When we analysed his smile it was apparent that the lateral incisor overlapped the middle tooth and would need adjustment to achieve the best result.

The lateral incisor was adjusted and two veneers placed giving Steve a great confident smile.


All the Smile Gallery photos shown here are of our own real patient cases from our dental practice in Ripon.

More information on Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Before and After Photographs

Zoom whitening together with veneers on the front teeth produced a great result for Jane. If you have some teeth that need veneers and some that need whitening it's important to have your teeth whitened first - we can then match the veneers to the new lighter shade. This is important as dental veneers won't change colour at all once they are made.