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Is a long established practice offering high quality dental care to the people of Ripon, Harrogate and surrounding North Yorkshire areas. We provide all aspects of dental care from regular preventative care to advanced dental treatments. Our patients receive their treatment in a professional and friendly environment from our experienced staff.

Dr Donald Sloss is the principal dentist, leading a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists, hygienists and nurses. One of our main aims at the practice is to be able to offer our patients the same range of treatments and quality of dentistry they would receive anywhere in the world. To achieve this, our staff attend courses all over the world in order to bring the techniques and materials to our patients in North Yorkshire.

What sets us apart?

What we are very proud of here is our ability to help people make the best decisions, and to not only provide the most attractive smiles, but help you understand what the best smile looks like!

What makes the perfect smile?
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We've an entire page dedicated to explaining what makes the best teeth and the most gorgeous smile - you can read all about it here.

Portfolio of Patients Treated

One of the best ways we can show you what we can do as a dental practice is to show you, so here are a selection of our lovely patients and how we have transformed their lives.



A Cosmetic Smile Lift

This patient had a gummy smile and overlapping teeth, using a series of cosmetic dental techniques we were able to totally transform her smile - what do think of the result?

Dental Veneers for a confident smile

This next patient disliked the gaps between her teeth , plus the teeth were slightly too short. We know this because we use what is known as 'The Golden Proportion' this is a technique where-by we measure the width of the tooth, multiply it by a 'Golden Number' and this tells us the ideal length of the tooth.

After consultation with the patient, we decided that dental veneers would be the best option for her.

Treatment of Gum Recession and Black Triangles Between the Teeth

Often patients come to us that are very nervous of the dentist, often this means they have not been to the dentist for many years and so their teeth are in a poor state. This was the case with this lady, so after some treatment to help her oral health, we treated her with dental veneers to provide a stunning new smile.

Help for people anxious of the dentist.

If you are at all nervous, anxious or afraid of coming to the dentist then we've written a FREE eCourse especially for you. You can start this course immediately by visiting our page for nervous patients.

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This enables patients to receive not only the highest quality regular care for their oral health but also allows them to choose from a range of more advanced procedures to give them the smile they have always wanted.