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Perfect Smile

What makes the perfect smile?

It's time to smile... but what makes a great smile and great looking teeth?

Why Choose Us

As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality dental care we feel it is right to offer you information and education so you can understand what makes the perfect smile. You will then be in the best place to be able to chose the best cosmetic dentist for you and be able to truly judge any photos they show to you of cases they have done.

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After all, a tooth is just a tooth isn't it?

Well, actually no! It all starts with this guy, Fibonacci.

Leonardo Fibonacci discovered what is known as the 'Golden Proportion' or the 'Golden Ratio' - it's a ratio that governs the whole of our lives - and is 1 to 0.618

This ratio is found in nature, art and architecture. The ratio even governs the space between the diastole and systole of your heart beat!

There are gauges that can show us this relationship of 1 to 0.618 as shown in the following images.

  • Perfect Smile
  • Perfect Smile
  • Perfect Smile

Nature falls in to this proportion all the time, and if this proportion is not adhered to things don't look quite right... and that includes your teeth. You see your teeth also conform to this golden proportion and we violate it at our peril...

  • Perfect Smile
  • Perfect Smile

Have you ever seen a person's smile and you just thought it looked wrong? There are a few celebrities that have had their teeth done that show this well!

We bet that if you measured the golden ratio of their teeth that it's wrong - and people notice when it is.

The golden proportion dictates the following dimensions:

  • The ratio of the width to length of each tooth
  • The ratio of widths from tooth to tooth
  • The ratio of the whole smile on the face
  • The ratio of the 2 front teeth in proportion to the eyes

At Clock Tower Dental we are acutely aware of this Golden Ratio and ensure that your teeth fit in to the proportions perfectly. But there's so much more to a great smile...

Lip Position

What is also important is that the tips of your teeth match the line of your lower lip. If this is not the case the smile can look crooked and uneven

Notice the before smile shows this patient's teeth hanging down below his lip (on the inside) on the left of the photo.

His teeth are too long this side, so we evened them up and created a harmonious smile that matched the line of his lower lip.

Black Triangles

Often at the tips of the teeth people complain of black triangles.

Whist this is natural some people prefer to have them smaller and less noticeable.

Libby was unhappy with her smile so we made her some veneers.

Notice how much these black triangles have now reduced!

It's also worth pointing out that naturally the size of these triangles gets bigger the further back we go.

So always ask the dentist for a cosmetic dental mock-up of how you will look before hand, you can then check that these triangles get slightly larger the further back you go for a more natural looking smile.

The Gum Line

Also extremely importantly is the line of the gums and top teeth. This should mirror the line of the top lip and be even all the way round.

Gillian was referred from her own dentist because of the complexity of her problem. Notice in the before image that she shows quite a lot of gum when she smiles, and the line of the tops of her teeth where they meet the gums is not even.

The after photograph shows a more even smile with the same amount of gum showing either side.

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Try out your new knowledge with these Celebrity Smiles

By now you are almost an expert on what makes a great smile and how to chose the very best cosmetic dentist - so, armed with your new knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and what makes the perfect smile take a look at these celebrity smiles.

Remember to look at the Golden Proportion, Lip Position, Gum Line and reduction of Black Triangles. If you'd like to view the Celebrity Teeth Before and After as full screen please click here.